Joseph Wright / Walter Evans

Celebrating the Life and Work of Joseph Wright – February 2012:

This project aimed to give all pupils a better knowledge of the Derby artist Joseph Wright, looking closely at three pieces of his work. It was also designed to raise awareness of the newly refurbished Joseph Wright Gallery in Derby Museum and Art Gallery. We also wanted to give all pupils the opportunity to see, hear, take part in and create folk dance, song and craft.

Partners Involved in the Project:

FOLK 3D, Walter Evans C of E Primary and Nursery School, Derby Museum and Art Gallery. Funded through the MLA’s Cultural Olympiad Connecting Communities programme.

The Project:

  • Observed Morris, Clog, Appalachian dance and learnt a maypole dance and two social dances
  • Learnt two songs and wrote one new
  • Played music for the social dance and percussion for a song
  • Learnt about well dressing and designed and made a well dressing
  • Got a flavour of street theatre/mummers play
  • Looked closely at and talked about two pictures (The Blacksmith Shop and Landscape with a Rainbow) by Joseph Wright

Teachers and staff designed other work for classes on the themes whilst FOLK 3D weren’t working with pupils.

Sharing Events:

  • A procession was led to the celebration ceremony held at the local church, where the well dressing was displayed, and remained visible to the community over the weekend and then for a week at the local pub
  • Two sharing events were held in school
  • One sharing event was held at Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

well dressing 5 maypole Jan SONY DSCSONY DSC





Audience members were encouraged to join in with the songs and where possible the dancing.


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