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The Maypoles, Mummers and Merry England Project is funded by Heritage Lottery


We are in the process of developing our Educational Resources relating to this project, and would welcome your feedback below, so we can continue to improve the offer.

Below are some clickable links to easy-to-use learning resources in the form of PowerPoint Presentations to be used with or by children and young people. There are also Pdf Documents including Background Information and Teaching Notes, and some examples of Mummers’ Play Scripts.

These are all free-to-use FOLK3D Arts Educational Resources associated with the Maypoles, Mummers and Merry England Project 2013-2016:

 Mummers’ Plays

What is a Mummers Play power point presentation

How to write your own Mummers Play power point presentation

Example Mummers’ Play Scripts:

St Andrews script 2016

St James script 2016 2

Walter Evans and Portway script 2016

Wyndham script 2016


Background information and teaching notes for Mummers Play… pdf


Broom Dancing

background-information-and-teaching-notes-for-broom-dancing pdf

Broom Dancing power point presentation

Here is a simple Hornpipe rhythm tune suitable to use for Broom Dancing:

From Shuttle to Clog in D maj pdf….From Shuttle To Clog

….. and here is a recording of Sarah Matthews playing it on her fiddle:

Here is also a link to an MP3 of The Keel Row played through three times for your Broom Dancing: row no comp master.mp3


Maypole Dancing

Great learning resource for Maypole Dancing available at:

More information on Maypole Manual web site, including a few sample pages to download and try:

the_chrysanthemum pdf

twister pdf

background-information-and-teaching-notes-for-maypole pdf

Here is a link to an MP3 of a set of jigs played nine times round for you to have a go at Maypole Dancing: set no comp master.mp3


Well Dressing

Well Dressing power point presentation

Background information and teaching notes for Well Dressin… pdf


Traditional Song

Traditional Song power point presentation

Background information and teaching notes for Traditional … pdf

An example of a traditional song used as a calling on song for a Mummers’ Play:

We Are Brave Actors Bold

As part of the St George’s Day programme in 2016,the FOLK3D team and all of the young people in schools worked on lyrics together for one song about The Derby Dragon – here is the final result:

Derby Dragon lyricsDerby Dragon notation

……Want to research more – click here….how-you-might-find-out-more pdf