“…..absolutely brilliant, thank you so much.  The children got a huge amount out of it and they were buzzing about it all day – I lost count of how many times I had to sing ‘John Kanaka’ throughout the day and I noticed the kids practising the morris dancing and clog dancing at playtime! They loved it!”

“I just wanted to say thank you again for your wonderful assembly on Friday!  The children (and staff!) absolutely loved it and learnt a huge amount too.  The children were buzzing about it for the rest of the day – I was on duty at playtime and there were so many of them practicing the morris dancing and clog dancing on the playground!”

“They also loved learning about and hearing the instruments you brought with you – they don’t often get the chance to listen to live music, especially folk music.”

“I wasn’t sure how appropriate it was going to be for the younger children but I’m so glad we included them as they got just as much out of it as the older ones and your manner with them was fantastic.”

“It really was a brilliant experience for the whole school.  Thank you again and we hope you will return soon!”

Thank you so much for visiting our school. It was a great for our children to have the opportunity to hear live folk music. The children benefited from hearing the reasons behind the music , hearing it and relating it to the dance. The experience gave them a clearer understanding of folk and traditional music and an enjoyment for this style of music. It was also nice for the children who are learning an instrument to see them being played professionally.  When I got back to my class they were buzzing with excitement and chanting the song.

From the children:

‘I enjoyed the dancing and learning new dances and it was nice we could interact with other people.’

‘I really enjoyed doing the dancing whilst singing and it made me think about the jobs after.’

‘I loved the clogging!’

‘I enjoyed singing and Morris dancing. The clogging was fantastic.’


“Just a huge thank-you for this week-there has been a wonderful atmosphere in school and so many positive comments from staff and families. You have all been brilliant. It has been a privilege having you all this week. Thank you for bringing such passion and energy. You’re brilliant.”                                      (Headteacher)

“….really enjoyed the week and especially the things that they encountered that were new to them.  Most of my class had never heard folk music before.”

“This project gave me the opportunity to explore the paintings of Joseph Wright alongside the children through the use of music, song, dance and visual arts, and I now I have a new-found understanding and appreciation for the paintings.”                  (Sarah Matthews, Singer and Fiddler for Folk-3D)


“We all loved it and would like to do it again.”
(Project Coordinator QUAD)


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